illustration compilation of a male character wearing multiple outfits Born
Oliver Li
April 1st (♈︎), Late 1980's
(23-27 years old)
Massachusetts, USA.
Ollie, Scout, Scoot, Pussy Destroyer
NEET, occasional weed dealer


Under 5'5"

Under 120 lbs

Chestnut brown

Mousy brown

Light, can tan. Rosy cheeks.

Thinks he's straight.

Chinese on his mother's side, Irish on his dad's. Raised Catholic, still fears and feels guilt.


Looking at boobies, drawing boobies, reading comics, growing funny flowers in his windowsil.

Favorite Food:
Costco rotisserie chicken, stir fry noodles.

Voice claims:
High-pitched New England accent:
Curly from the Three Stooges.
Ace Frehley.


The youngest runt of an absent alcoholic mother and missing father. He's a boring low-income no-hoper who sells weed and doesn't know what to do with his life.


He was a chubby kid who got skinnier in his teens. When he was young, he was outgoing but disliked by his teachers/classmates. Undiagnosed ADHD + dyslexia led to poor academic performance until he dropped out of high school. His mom smacked him and made fun of him until he learned he was ""stupid" and useless, and not to cry in front of his family

When he was younger, he traded sex for sandwiches as a survival tactic when he was left hungry in ma’s house with no food in the fridge. That's no longer the case now that he has enough money to survive on his own from small-time drug dealing (def does not pay taxes). It's still affected his perception of sexuality negatively though. He's a very impressionable lad, and picks up social cues from media and other people very easily. He doesn’t know what he enjoys sexually, but he wants to project the aggressive macho pickup artist image on girls. Cuz he’s learned that’s what you do as a dude, from what male figures he's had in his life.

Shoplifter, delinquent, dealer, small time gang activity: he was in juvie for a short stint after shooting someone in self-defense (the first time he had handled a gun). He dreamed of playing baseball for his favorite team when he was very young, but that's a lost cause now. He has no prospects for the future, so he might see if the military accepts him despite his offenses and wait for what happens next.


Facial features:Freckles and buck teeth are his most prominent facial feature. His face is otherwise rather unremarkable. He has round cheeks, large ears, a sloped nose with a long tip, and a weak chin.

Hair:His hair is mousy brown and straight, but extremely messy. He never combs it and its messiness is exacerbated from wearing hats or hoodies. Unable to grow significant amounts of body or facial hair, he is constantly mistaken for much younger than he actually is. The light dusting of a dirtstache is the best he can hope for, and he prays for the day his one (1) sprig of chest hair sprouts into a forest. As such, he does not shave his armpit hair or pubes because he needs to keep all the hair he can get! He gets curious whether girls like the manscaped look though.

Body:He is slight of frame, but his scrawny stature belies tightly packed runner's muscles. His shoulders are small and he has proportionately larger hips, the pear shape of which gives him masculine insecurity.

Fashion:He favors reds, black, and yellow for colors. Hoodies, sweatpants, sneakers, and kneesocks are a regular part of his wardrobe. But he'll wear anything loose and baggy to hide his thin body.

Accessories: He gets one ear pierced with a stud, a bit after he meets Basile. Both ears are eventually pierced with diamond studs as celebration.

Personal Life:

ADHD and Learning Disorders
Ollie is undiagnosed for anything during his entire life.

  • He was never the best in school, never got above a C or B in most classes.
  • Teacher always set him aside in the "alone table" cuz he kept bugging the other kids and annoying the teacher.
  • Drawing during class helped him pay attention and listen. But doing anything else but sitting straight up and staring at the teacher makes teachers insecure, so them teachers always ripped up his papers and tossed them to make him """pay better attention"""
  • Very bad at making friends cuz he was always othered/treated as the stupid one. He was a very social, extroverted kid and desperately wanted friends (still wants friends!), but no one else really wanted to be around this social pariah.
  • Low income background means that there's no time or education in his family about disorders, so it's just accepted that he's slow or just plain annoying.
  • Physical activity was one thing he was good at, and gave him focus. Course he's a good runner, that one track mind y'know?
  • Dropped out of school before or by high school.

  • Controversies:

    On July 6th, 2008, Basile Scylla found Ollie's cumbox. The cumbox was reputed to contain several printed photos of Basile, entire covered with layers of hard resin-like substance.