☆ This character's page contains mentions of violence, blood and organs, murder, and suicide. ☆

Vicky V.D.

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Viktor Von Dragunov

Vicky, Vicky V.D., Boss

Lead Guitarist, CEO

Period active



120 lbs

40's in the 1980's

Whatever he needs to be

Zodiac Sign

Ex-lead guitarist of The Penetrators, current lead guitarist of Pussywhip. According to his gimmick he is undead, and possibly sustains himself on plasma. But this is just for his stage show. Unless...?


Early Life:

Vicky was born in Soviet Russia under unknown circumstances. His father was Slavic, and his mother was Japanese. Otherwise, he knows little about them and grew up without his biological parents. He does not elaborate beyond these points in interviews. His given birth name may have been "Yuri", but this is unconfirmed.


Vicky came to the L.A. scene. He joined The Penetrators and immediately began indulging in the typical sex, drugs, and rock n' roll lifestyle. During this time tensions within the band were rising. He would butt heads with Jizzy over the creative direction of the music and partying was constantly clouding the judgement



2000's onwards:

The Hotel incident

At the start of the 1980's while still signed with The Penetrators, Vicky was allgedly involved in an incident that occurred immediately before the band's world tour.

On July 23rd, 1980 at approximately 3AM, LAPD recieved a call from Jizzy stating concern for his bandmate, Vicky, who was holed up in their shared hotel room and unresponsive. As police arrived on the scene, there appeared to be a body falling from a top story balcony. It was thought to be Vicky attempting suicide, as he went missing shortly after this event. However, the body was never recovered.

Vicky was also not found in the hotel room when police eventually broke down the door. This is the only verified information based on press statements from LAPD, as the official police records from the night were misplaced. It is rumored that there was blood splattering found in the hotel room, as well as rumors of police discovering the bodies of recently deceased females inside, but these are statements made by unverified, supposed eyewitnesses who posted on the Pussywhip forums.



Pale, sickly grey. Green and lavender undertones. Can occassionally become flushed and appear livelier after feeding.

Facial features:
High cheekbones, narrow and piercing eyes. Flat nose bridge with nostrils, very serpent-like. Green eyes, often accentuated with brown and black eyeliner.

Umber brown and straight. Very long. Usually voluminous at the roots. Teased out to the high heavens for stage. Can be stringy and slinky when he hasn't taken care of it, such as rolling straight out of bed or during a deep depression.

The skinniest bitch (un)alive. Literally no organs inside his torso, only a spinal cord. Autopsy scars. Long legs and very tall.


Has stretched ears he wears plugs in and pierced nipples.


Avoids pure black except for his latex and vinyl on stage.

Regular: Perfectly tailored yet slightly oversized expensive suit. Shoulder pads. Large, triangular silhouette. Red bottom stilettos.

Casual: Oversized sweaters with batwing or bell cut sleeves. Turtlenecks. Skinny and straight legged trousers. Chelsea boots or heels.

On stage: Has a few varieties of stage costumes, but each one leaves very little to the imagination. Red codpiece with large spikes. Straps and buckles made from shiny black material. Latex gloves that go up to his shoulders. Thigh high boots. Chokers.


Lizzy, born from an unknown ex-wife

Angus, Skeets, Eddie

Jizzy, Johnny, Jack

Priest, unnamed Eden Records employees


Micromanaging his band, making money, enacting revenge, being an evil hyper-capitalist

Favorite Food:
Junk food, hamburger

Voice claims:
High pitched yet hoarse, and domineering. Similar to Frieza or Yzma.


See Also:


Press release shots, album covers, misc promotional material, and photos taken by paparazzi and fans

Feral form

Ink Painting Graphite

Old art from high school.

These have some outfits, costumes, and hairstyles to salvage.